Monday, May 25, 2015

19 years

I've been married to this man for 19 years today. Nineteen years of learning, laughing, compromising, adventuring, hearing, being heard, working, traveling, rejoicing, growing, moving, These years have passed in a blink but have created a depth of history I'm so proud to share with him.

He is an adventurer. He likes to test his physical limits. He is passionate about sport and his beloved Missouri Tigers.

He is unabashedly himself. Admitting his fears and celebrating his strengths. He's optimistic. Calm in crisis. Fiercely loyal. Committed to learning how to be better. Both at work and play.

And in our marriage. He's worked at it for nineteen years and we've worked hard together to make our partnership strong, close, committed, and supportive. Communication takes work and we've put the time in and are damn good at it these days. That sentence makes my eyes fill with tears of pride and satisfaction. I blink those away and just think of him. All that is him. 

A husband. A father. A family man.

He's a keeper. I love him so.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Star Crossed

Fat Quarter Shop recently released a new pattern called Star Crossed based on an antique quilt they loved. I'm a sucker for a good star quilt block and took the chance to make up one Star Crossed block and use it as the front panel of a new bag.

I wanted a large bag to use during the summer months for picnics and going to the lake and pool and pot luck dinners and all of those summery things. This bag certainly fits that bill. And the fact that I cut up a leather jacket that I found at a thrift store for the bottom, top and handles assures that this sturdy bag will last for many summers to come.

A new summer bag is now checked off my list. I think a scrappy Star Crossed quilt just got added.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Must have flowers

I love pretty plants and flowers in my yard. I bet many of you do too? What are your yard flower must haves? Annual? Perennials? Best for sun? Best for shade? I have dozens and dozens of varieties of blooms in my yard but am always looking for something new.

Hey! I know!  Wanna trade? I'm thinking it would be fun to trade seeds and/or live plants. If you want to participate, send me an email at dana at oldredbarnco dot com and we can work out some details.

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The creative flow

Are you ever just in the zone? Think, cut, sew, press, imagine. I've been in the zone lately. I've made all of these in the last week. I'm going to send the quilt to The Back Porch Quilters and can't wait to see what magic they stitch on to that strawberry patch of a quilt.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

But look I made a quilt!

Still messy and chaotic over here at Chez Old Red Barn Co. But I made a new quilt with nothing but 2.5" squares of fabric.

And a new quilt is always good.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh the mess

A purposefully out-of-focus photo of a room full of stuff that doesn't belong. Stuffed shoved in here while we tackle some much needed improvements on the office. Between this and our poor dog, Scout, things are very messy right now.

I don't like messy. It makes me all twitchy. And May means even more mess as the school year rushes to a close, trips are taken, plays are performed and deadlines scream near.

Deep breath Momma. Try to enjoy the view.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daily walk

Everyday, twice a day, I take these two on a walk. They are brother and sister. Six years old in May. Long haired dachshunds. Stubborn, Ornery. Smart. Whiny. And most definitely part of our family.

Our walk is usually down this road and back. 

There's my girl.


Late last week the male wasn't acting just right. A trip to the vet and an X-ray later confirmed that he's having some issues with his back. We came home with a course of meds and reassurances that he'd be back to his normal self real soon. However, yesterday morning he woke up with partial paralysis in his left hind leg. He's been at the vet since getting IV meds. Anti-inflammatories and steroids. And our vet is confident we'll get through this.

Don't mind his wacky haircut. His hair was getting so long that he was dragging half the forest inside every time he come back in. I trimmed his tail, ear and belly fur a bit to curb that. He will get a proper haircut soon.

There's my boy.

Scout. Yawning.

Hopefully he'll be home in the next few days.  And in a few weeks we will be back to our twice a day walks.

Think of all the smells he's missing along that road! He'll be anxious to check all those pee-mails left for him in his absence I'm sure. And I'll be more than happy to let him linger and "read" every last word.